Mafia man to give talk in Mansfield

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Shoot-outs with police and bloody violence is not something you would associate with a church, but one place of worship in Mansfield is set to throw open its doors to gang culture.

South Mansfield Christian Fellowship on Bellamy Road is to welcome a unique speaker this month - former American gangster Jim Epley.

Known as ‘The Ice Man’, Jim from Florida is to share his life story about his life in the mafia, bank robbery, illegal gambling, car chases, drink, drugs and women, and how religion saved him from life in prison or even death.

Pastor Rob Hurd said: “We are really excited about having an ex-American gangster come and speak.

“It will be quite a graphic, and thought-provoking talk, so we hope to have a lot of people attend.”

Speaking about a incident during his gangster days, Jim said - “I pulled a rifle on two cops.

“I thought if I blow them away, there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll get away but if I don’t it’s a sure bet I’m going back to prison, eight police cars chased us.

“This was not like the movies - they were shooting real bullets!”

“It was never my ambition to go straight.

“I just wanted to find a way never to return to prison. Just as soon as they released me, I went right back to hustling and thieving.”

The talk will be on Sunday 22nd February, from 10.30am, and anyone is welcome.