M1 re-opens after Kirkby blaze - Ashfield residents told to keep windows closed

Police re-opened the M1 late on Friday eveningafter a stretch was closed because of smoke drifting from a chemical fire in Kirkby - but residents close to the blaze were still being advised to keep their windows closed and stay indoors.

Both directions of the M1, from junction 27 to junction 28, were closed at about 5.40pm and the closure was then briefly extended to junction 26, before the entire stretch was re-opened at about 8.15pm.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is continuing to tackle the fire, which involves a chemical in a container, at an industrial estate in Park Lane, Kirkby.

The immediate area has been evacuated and a cordon is in place.

People living in the area, including Annesley Woodhouse, Kirkby Woodhouse, Kirkby and Selston are still being advised to remain inside with windows and doors shut.

And motorists using the M1 are also advised to keep their windows closed while driving through the area.

It is being reported that the chemical in the container, calcium oxide (also known as quicklime) overheated and caught fire, but firefighters could not use water to extinguish the flames and decided to let the fire burn itself out.