Luxury homes to be built on village rectory land

The Rectory, Warsop
The Rectory, Warsop

Opposition to plans to bulldoze a village rectory to build new homes is mounting.

Applications have been submitted to Mansfield District Council to pull down the building in Church Warsop and build a new home for the rector serving St Peter and St Paul Parish Church, next to the A60.

The blueprints are to use part of the land for the new rectory, but also create five new homes which the applicant Ian Greaves of Southwell, says will be of a ‘classic design’.

Despite this, there has been no shortage of concern, particularly those living on neighbouring streets.

Jeremy Brind, whose St Peter’s Avenue homes backs onto the site, has raised several objections, including traffic problems and loss of trees and wildlife.

He says his neighbours are also submitting objections to Mansfield District Council before a decision can be made.

“It’s a place of natural beauty in its own right and should remain part of the natural fabric of Church Warsop and not become a luxury pad for just a privileged few.

“If you look at the building they want put up, they are going to be £500,000 homes.

“This will desecrate the ecosystem and natural habitat that currently reside on this site.”

In response, Canon Nigel Spraggins, chief executive of the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, said: “In making this application we are showing care for a member of our clergy by replacing the current rectory which is expensive to maintain and run, as well as having an overlarge garden. A modern house would be more energy efficient and cheaper to maintain for many years to come.

“So the application is about providing suitable accommodation on an appropriately sized plot.

“As a charity the Diocese is required to make best use of its assets and in this case means selling the land which is not required for the best value we can achieve.”

Meanwhile, Warsop parish councillor, Stuart Moody added: “I have been made aware and can also understand the concerns.

“Personally, they should have never demolished the old rectory - this was before my time but in photographs I have seen, it was a wonderful building.

“The current rectory is not as attractive a building and would benefit from being replaced but not to the detriment of creating additional problems with access onto an already busy A60.”