Luke thanks superfan Amy 17 with tour of Old Trafford

A Manchester United star made a Sutton teen's dream come true when he took her on a private tour of Old Trafford.

Friday, 18th August 2017, 4:50 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
Manchester United star Luke Shaw with Sutton superfan Amy Pustelnik, 17.

Luke Shaw made Amy Pustelnik’s day when he gave her an exclusinve guied tour to thank her for her support.

United fanatic Amy has set up a Instagram site dedicated to her full back hero who has been going through rehab after he broke his leg in April.

This week her mum drove her 100 miles to the teams training base to get a picture of her idol.

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Manchester United star Luke Shaw with Sutton superfan Amy Pustelnik, 17.

But she was gobsmacked when the star not only gave her a signed players shirt but gave her a lift to the Premiership ground and a personal guided tour.

Amy, who herself plays for Mansfield Town Ladies FC said: “I messaged him to say I was going to visit the training ground to meet him. I said it was a long journey and would appreciate if he could stop for me.

“When I arrived at the training ground he told me where to wait. He signed stuff for other fans and I had my photo taken with him.

“He gave me a signed shirt which is a match issued one so it was even more special.

“Then He asked me if I had ever been to Old Trafford before and I thought he was going to offer me some match tickets.

“But he said do you want to come with me and have alook round?

“He said he was going to be doing some commercials and I could come along. He gave me a lift in his own car.

“We were just chatting - it was like I was sitting in a car with my best friend.

Manchester United star Luke Shaw with Sutton superfan Amy Pustelnik, 17.

“He was asking who my favourite players were apart from him and I was asking him how his recovery was going.”

Luke and his family follow my Instagram page and he answers all my posts.

“We pulled up at Old Trafford and then drove in along with Jesse Lingard and went through the players entrance.

“He told Lingard I was his number one fan and I showed him my iPhone case with Luke on it.

“Luke took me onto the pitch first. On the official tour nobody is allowed anywhere near the pitch.

“I was in shock.”

During the three hour VIP tour she watched behind the scenes as the players went through their paces doing promotional shots an commercial work.

Amy added: “It was really interesting -I never realised they did all that stuff at Old Trafford.

Afterwards the two ladies who had been helping Luke took me back to my mum and he messaged me to make sure I was OK. “It very surreal.”