Low crime rates make Ravenshead one of the safest places in Notts

PCC candidate Paddy Tipping, photographed while joining a community speedwatch group.
PCC candidate Paddy Tipping, photographed while joining a community speedwatch group.

Ravenshead has been lauded as one of the safeest areas in the county as recent crime figures show an almost clean slate for the area last year.

PCC candidate Paddy Tipping said the figures demonstrated that the village was a safe place to live, work and visit, and praised the low crime figures

There was only one robbery in the area in the past two years, one sexual offence, 21 burglaries and no bike thefts.

Only one drug offence was recorded and not a single theft from a person in the 24 month period.

The incumbant Police & Crime Commissioner, up for re-election in May, said that Ravenshead residents were benefitting from an effective neighbourhood policing presence, joint-working with other agencies and an active Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

He said: "People tell me how much they value their neighbourhood policing teams and I really understand that. That's why I am committed to maintaining a neighbourhood policing presence across the county."

"A lot has been achieved in the last three and a half years. People are safer, vulnerable people are receiving better support, relationships with the police are improving, stop and search rates are amongst the best in the country, anti-social behaviour has reduced - it's a long list.

"The freeze on recruitment currently in place is a result of the £12m we need to save this year following the last round of Government funding cuts, and other efficiency moves include changes to the force's rank structure from top down, leading to fewer officers within the higher salaried brackets.

"But there is always more to do. Among my plans for the future is a real focus on tackling issues such as cyber-crime and hate crime; ensuring enhanced counter-terrorism activity to protect those living or visiting in Nottinghamshire and continued support to victims of historic child abuse in the county.

Pointing out that vehicle crime had increased slightly, he said that there is a responsibility on everyone to reduce opportunity by locking car doors and not leaving valuables in the vehicle.