Love food, hate Olympic waste

Food lovers are being urged to race to a website full of tasty tips for using leftover food when hosting Olympics food parties.

Lots of families will be getting together as the Games get into full swing – and many will be looking forward to cooking up some dishes worthy of an Olympic champion.

Derbyshire County Council is urging families to take this opportunity to make use of tasty foods or leftovers already stocked in cupboards, fridges or freezers.

Councillor John Allsop, cabinet member for technology and recycling, said: “Having the Olympics in our country is a momentous event and we know many families and friends will be getting together.

“One of the effects of all these parties and celebrations is that we often generate more rubbish and food waste.

“That’s why we’ve urging people to check out our website full of great ideas on how to prepare meals using leftover food. It’s also a great way of saving money too.”

Some of the recipes you’ll find include:

* A Quick Use-Up Pizza using leftover cheese and any favourite toppings you might have in the fridge.

* Olive Tapenade Toasts which turns leftover bread into something more interesting.

* Crispy Chicken Skewers which use a crispy coating made from leftover cheese and breadcrumbs made from slightly old bread.

* Sausage Risotto which is another crowd-pleaser.

For full recipes – and other great ideas for cutting down on food waste over the Olympics – go to the Love Food Hate Waste page of Derbyshire Council Council’s website at

The recipes are in the “related documents” section near the bottom of the page under the title “recipes for special get-togethers”.

For lots more recipes for all occasions visit