Lotttery boost for Sherwood Forest Trust

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News, 24-hours a day, at www.thestar.co.uk

The Sherwood Forest Trust has won a £42,100 lottery boost for a community heritage project at King John’s Palace near Mansfield.

Nottinghamshire ‘Hidden Treasure’ won the cash in the regional finals of the Big Lottery People’s Millions national programme.

The project ‘Discover King John’s Palace’, will start in January 2015 and run until the end of the year.

Patrick Candler, Chief Executive of the Sherwood Forest Trust, said: “This project won’t just help put King John’s Palace on the map and bring it to life, it will transform the Palace into an exciting resource for local people and attract more and more visitors to Nottinghamshire, helping to boost the local economy and support communities.

“It will provide a positive focus for people to be proud of where they live, and help them feel more connected to a common heritage.”

Many thanks to all the people who voted for us so that we can help make this little-known landmark known throughout the world

The Palace in King’s Clipstone is in the ancient heart of the Forest. It is a Grade II listed ruin that was used by many Kings of England during medieval times.