Loose change is new target for car thieves in Mansfield

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Loose change has become an easy target for thieves breaking into cars, Mansfield’s leading officer has said following a spike in crime.

More than 18 vehicles have been targeted in the space of just two weeks along a stretch of road running between Mansfield and Mansfield Woodhouse.

A pattern of crime has emerged along the A6117, Oak Tree Lane, heading north through Forest Town, towards the junction with the A60.

And police have found in many cases that the thieves are being attracted to silver and copper coins being left in cup holders and central consoles.

Inspector Nick Butler, divisional commander for Mansfield, said: “The offenders are targeting vehicle with low value items and loose coins.

“Although a few pounds in change may not seem a lot, to an offender it is easy money.

“If they steal property they have to sell it to convert it into cash, but they won’t get true market value.

“Having a few pounds in change is an easy result for them.”

He said that many thieves are simply opportunists who will walk along streets trying door handles to see if they are unlocked.

With modern fobs, he said that people often forget to lock their cars, but says that some motorists purposely leave them unlocked because they don’t want them being damaged if they are broken into.

“Offenders are targeting these cars and if we make it too easy for them it makes it harder to catch them.

“If they have to break or force a lock they will make noise and there’s a greater chance of them leaving forensics at the scene.

“It makes everybody’s life that much more difficult if they leave their cars unlocked.”