Long-standing legal firms in Mansfield agree to a new venture

Martyn Knox, managing partner of Hopkins, and Mark Slade, managing partner of Fidler and Pepper, shake on the deal.
Martyn Knox, managing partner of Hopkins, and Mark Slade, managing partner of Fidler and Pepper, shake on the deal.

Two long-standing law firms in Mansfield, dating back more than 100 years, have agreed to a new deal they hope will guarantee future growth.

Fidler and Pepper Solicitors, which also has a branch in Sutton, and Hopkins Solicitors will complete a combined business arrangement this month.

The deal will allow Fidler and Pepper to focus mainly on conveyancing, wills, probate, power of attorney and trusts, while its existing family, litigation and business work will transfer to Hopkins.

Fidler and Pepper will retain its two offices on Queen Street, Mansfield and Low Street, Sutton, and hopes to grow its legal team of experts. But some of the firm’s staff will join Hopkins, which is to retain its offices on Crow Hill Drive, Mansfield and Regent Street, Nottingham, while also opening a new base in Sutton.

Mark Slade, managing partner of Fidler and Pepper, said: “We believe this change will provide us with an opportunity to focus on business areas that we can shape and grow.

“We have been working hard to develop strong relationships within the conveyancing and private client sectors, and our intention is to continue to invest in these to ensure the continued growth and success of the firm.

“We are already well known as innovators with our award-winning IT systems, and we are very excited about continuing to use and develop our technology to make us even more efficient.

“It is our intention to become a market leader in conveyancing and private client work, and an employer of choice in the Mansfield and Ashfield areas.”

Martyn Knox, managing partner of Hopkins, said: “We look forward to growing our firm by acquiring some of Fidler and Pepper’s existing work and by really getting to know our new clients in the Sutton area.

“We are very proud of our long-standing 100-year history, which allows us to support our local personal and business communities with their legal matters. We believe that our local expertise and our honest commitment to high standards are what allow us to not only provide a personal approach to legal services but also to make a difference to improve people’s lives.

“This deal will help us to secure business in the north of the county, and also give our business legal services an opportunity to expand into Sutton’s extensively growing business sector.”

Fidler and Pepper was established in 1888 and has clients across the UK. Hopkins was founded in 1913.