Location of two new speed cameras in Mansfield confirmed

The new devices will be average speed cameras
The new devices will be average speed cameras

Eagle-eyed motorists have spotted the area where council speed camera will be installed in Mansfield.

Nottinghamshire Councty Council has confirmed that the devices, which will be average speed cameras, will be located in Rosemary Street.

Poles to house the devices have already been erected in preparation, with the local authority expected to send them live in the coming months.

Action has been taken because the road has seen the number of serious crashes reach intolerable levels.

Councillor Gordon Wheeler, of Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “We've been concerned about the persistently high number of accidents on Rosemary Street in recent years, despite a 30mph speed limit being in place.

"From 2013 to September 2016, there were 25 people injured in reported road accidents, half of whom were classed as vulnerable road users."

Speed surveys showed that vehicles are consistently exceeding the 30mph speed limit at all times of the day and night, which has been supported by comments the council has received from drivers.

Nottinghamshire Police has carried out mobile speed enforcement following complaints by members of the public.

But the council hopes the installation of permanent average speed safety cameras should ensure that vehicle speeds are consistently lower, which will in turn significantly improve safety.

Coun Wheeler: "On average, we have seen a 75 per cent reduction in people killed or seriously injured at sites where these types of camera are in operation in Nottinghamshire."