Litter picking lads do their bit at Titchfield Park

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Two environmentally conscious brothers volunteered to clean a stretch of a Mansfield river all on their own.

Harry and Jack Wilcockson filled a big sack with rubbish from the muddy banks of the River Maun at Titchfield Park.

Their mum Terri Louise said she was very proud of King Edwards Primary pupil Harry, 7 and four year old Jack.

Terri- Louise, 30, said: “they did it alll off their own backs. They are always picking rubbish off the street and they decided to have a go at cleaning the river.

We live across the road and Harry loves to play football on the multi-sports area.. I am a big recycler at home so it must have rubbed off on them. They had waterproof trousers on and wore rubber gloves as it was quite swampy. The Council workmen were cutting grass at the time and they agreed to take all the stuff away. There was more stuff in there than we expected. . They have bee asking me to buy them a litter grabber so they can pick more litter up.”