Lip reading class to help Nottinghamshire’s deaf

NMAC12-0187-1''Pilsley lip reading teacher Liz Kopp
NMAC12-0187-1''Pilsley lip reading teacher Liz Kopp

LOSING your hearing can be an isolating and frightening experience.

Many people in Nottinghamshire suffer from hearing loss, often due to working in heavy industries such as weaving, knitting and mining, as well as just because they are getting older.

But some help will soon be at hand in the Ashfield area, with a new course on offer at Sutton Centre Community College to help people learn the valuable skill of lip reading.

Teacher Liz Kopp said that the lessons will be interactive, varied and fun, teaching a range of techniques that help people with hearing loss cope in different situations, as well as the basics of lip reading.

She said: “It’s nice when there’s a group of people all with the same problems and they can share their coping strategies.

“It’s very good for morale and the people who come to the classes tell me its an important part of coping with their deafness.”

Lip reading is not an exact science, with only 40 per cent of language visible on the lips of a clear speaker.

The course, therefore, also aims to help build students’ confidence so that they feel they can interact with people without the fear and apprehension they sometimes feel.

Liz, who lives in Derbyshire and has been teaching lip reading for three years, said that deafness is something that many people do not understand properly, quickly getting impatient when people do not hear what they say.

“A lot of people will shout at a deaf person or become impatient when they don’t hear what’s going on,” she said.

“I am just so full of admiration for people who have lost their hearing and the way they manage to do things the rest of us just sail through, but for them are huge obstacles.”

The lip reading course will run at Sutton Centre from 20th February at 6-8pm for eight weeks.

For details contact 441310 or 442173 or email