Lights from cannabis raid used to grow grass at Notts County

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Police has donated powerful lights seized from a drugs bust to Notts County Football Club.

They will be used to promote pitch growth in areas shaded by the stands.

Students from engineering courses at Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham are helping to construct the rigs, which will sit on wheels from old golf carts.

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Ailsen Ltd in Lenton Lane has pitched in to provide warehouse space for assembly.

The scheme was the brainchild of stadium manager Greg Smith and Superintendent Mark Holland.

Supt Holland said: “This is a great project because this sort of equipment would usually be crushed. This way we’re recycling what is expensive kit and giving the students a live project.

As a thank-you, the club will auction a box. The proceeds will go to Chief Constable Chris Eyre’s charity for this year, Betel of Britain – a Christian group who work with people who are homeless, long-term unemployed or who are suffering from substance abuse, to help them regain their independence and find employment by giving them the appropriate skills.

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“This is a win-win-win situation as criminal property is recycled, the students and Notts County are able to benefit, and the Chief Constable’s charity also benefits,” added Supt Holland.

Mr Smith said: “This project symbolises a lot of what football clubs, particularly at our level, should be all about - the local community coming together to offer varying resources to produce, for a fraction of the cost, something that will prove invaluable to the club.

“We cannot thank everyone involved in this project enough, from Nottinghamshire Police for helping source the lights, to the Nottingham University students who are giving up their time, and of course Ailsen Limited, who have provided the facilities for putting the lighting rigs together. They have all done the club a great service.”