Life changing operation for Mansfield boy with cerebral palsy

Mansfield  Jake Evans
Mansfield Jake Evans

THE family of a three-year-old Mansfield boy who suffers from cerebral palsy are trying to raise £50,000 so he can go to America for a potentially life-changing operation.

Little Jake Evans suffered brain damage as a result of being born prematurely and he is unable to walk or stand up and gets around by crawling or using his walking contraption.

But now his parents and grandparents are busy fundraising so Jake can travel to America for a surgical procedure known as selective dorsal rhizotomy which is performed on the lower spinal cord.

“The operation currently stands at £50,000 which is a hell of a lot of money but with fundraising I think it’s achievable even though it could take years,” said Michael.

“Lots of UK families have now managed to make that target and their children’s lives have been changed because of it.

“If he was able to have this operation and he was able to walk, words would not describe what it would mean to us.

“You hear stories of other parents and how their children can now walk and it makes you cry your eyes out.”

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