LETTER: Why is Warsop being treated differently?

With reference to the Chad dated July 27, 2016, we read with great interest the article concerning the multi-million pound development for Edwinstowe.

Friday, 12th August 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:10 pm

More than 800 new homes are proposed on a brownfield site, together with the potential for 500 permanent jobs being created, a new school, a business park and a country park with leisure and extreme sports facilities.

Stuart Ashton, planning and development manager for Harworth Estates, said: “We’ve thought long and hard since the colliery’s closure about striking the right balance between bringing housing and employment opportunities forward while restoring the majority of the site back to green land to support Sherwood Forest.”

Iain Thompson, also of Harworth Estates, said: “We invited ideas last year and it was clear people wanted a balance of uses. 
“You can’t just build houses or just have employment there, you need supporting uses.”

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So why has Harworth Estates put in a proposed planning application for the building of more than 400 houses, on agricultural land, adjacent to a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Warsop?

I can see no investment for the local infrastructure within the area. 
Not one single job to be created, no money for new schools, country parks or business parks?

Why does Harworth Estates, in my opinion, think it can come in and build houses on land that the people of Warsop hold so dear?

Our green land is going to be taken away by the bulldozers, not restored to help our environment.

Why is Warsop being treated so differently to Edwinstowe?

If Newark and Sherwood District Council can attract this type of multi-million pound development, why can’t Mansfield District Council ask for a similar scheme for Warsop?

Let Warsop speak.

D Barlow, D Jones,

K Hardy, T & D Spivey,

K Hickinbotham,

E Munnings

By email