LETTER: Why is Warsop treated differently?

Royal Mail
Royal Mail

Further to the comments printed in the Chad dated August 10, I’d like to add that Warsop seems to have been treated differently for many years.

Residents have often complained that Warsop is overlooked for the provision of amenities and it seems that local planners seem to disregard concerns regarding preservation and conservation issues here too.

Over the last 50 years or so many beautiful old buildings have been destroyed to make way for new developments or road schemes. These include the old rectory and many farms and cottages. Two more stone cottages await their fate, along with the Art Deco cinema frontage, if the plans for a supermarket go ahead.

The ubiquitous, beautiful, stone packhorse bridge on Stonebridge Lane was destroyed and replaced by an ugly concrete eyesore with, as I recall, little or no public consultation. Also destroyed were the water meadows lying between Stonebridge Road and the river Meden, to make way for housing. These meadows and the centuries old lane and hedgerows were home to many, many species of wildlife, as were the natural springs which fed into the river.

Now it is proposed to destroy arable land to make way for yet more housing. No doubt Sookholme Lane with its ancient hedgerows and stone bridge will be also be ripped up. The Hills and Hollows, an SSSI will be threatened by any further development and yet more wildlife displaced.

Will the views of Warsop people be ignored again? Probably, as it seems work has already begun to improve drainage.

J. Thomson

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