LETTER: Why is our MP sitting on the fence?

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.
Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale.

David Straw (Chad - July 27) pointed out to our MP why, as a Labour MP in a predominantly Labour constituency, he ought to let us know how he stands on the issue of the leadership contest.

The following week - August 3, our MP wrote a rambling and somewhat pointless guest column that left many people scratching their heads and asking “Is that the best he can do after a lifetime in politics?” Now we have a letter from Sir Alan Meale - August 10, that is equally pointless and mainly attacking his constituent David Straw. His silence on his position regarding Jeremy Corbyn, allied to him not backing either candidate merely reinforces David Straw’s point that he is sitting on the fence.

MPs generally have a problem answering a straight question, preferring responses that leave us none the wiser. The useful words “yes” and “no” seldom leave their mouths and sadly our MP seems to be afflicted with this malady.

What is interesting though is his assertion that he will discuss these matters with local party members because “that is what I always do”. That latter claim came as a surprise to some Labour Party members who have no recollection of him ever doing so. If Sir Alan refuses to tell us where he stands on the leadership contest, could he be more forthcoming and let us know on which occasions over the last five years he has consulted all Labour Party members in his constituency. Or perhaps by “local party members” he merely means a very select group.

Paul Bradshaw

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