LETTER: Upkeep of the monarchy shouldn't be our responsibility

Why is it that our Government will be using our income-tax payments for the modernisation of Buckingham Palace when every resident in the country has been forced to face hundreds of cuts throughout the whole of the country.

Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 4:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st January 2017, 4:16 pm

We now have hardly any coppers on the beat, less fire engines and the NHS is pleading for more money. 
The NHS has saved thousands of people’s most important possession, their life, which includes my own when I developed cancer.
As everyone knows, one problem is a lack of hospital beds.

On television a few weeks ago, it told us of two people who needed the intensive care department, yet only one bed was available.

Everybody’s life is important, which also includes living accommodation and not only the higher class who could easily afford the modernisation of theirs and also receive private healthcare treatment, which includes life-saving treatment. A person’s life is more important than a building, which millions of people have never seen or even want to see.
I know every country needs such a monarchy or someone of importance, but it shouldn’t be the honest, hardworking or retired taxpayer who pay for their convenience and their wellbeing, especially when they can easily afford to pay themselves. 
Income tax is supposed to be used for everyone’s wellbeing which includes all of the emergency services. 
If they cut even more and a person’s life is lost, who will be the ones to blame?

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Kate Allsop

By email (NB, this is NOT the Mansfield mayor, but a correspondent of the same name).