LETTER: Tourist attractions are our heritage

Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest

Regarding the proposed development of a new visitor centre at Sherwood Forest, may I say, as a resident of Edwinstowe, how pleased I was to hear that eventually, after many years of ups and downs a consortium was going to finally build a centre on land purchased from a local farmer.

I was dismayed therefore to learn that this may not now be the case, and there is a threat of losing our fair and cricket ground, and even our Robin Hood Festival.

These three tourist attractions in their own right would be a huge loss to our village, through tradition and tourism.

They are part of the heritage of our forest and should not be sacrificed for a visitors’ centre that could be located elsewhere.

I would hope that the consortium put all their plans to the residents of Edwinstowe, and listen to our views.

We are not against progress, but not at any price.

Gloria Humphrey

By email