LETTER: Tories don’t understand Mansfield

EU Referendum
EU Referendum

What a surprising result in the EU referendum.

Mansfield voters went with the majority of the UK and voted “Leave”. 
This was in spite of our political leaders urging us to stay in Europe. 
I think a major turning point was when two local MPs, Dennis Skinner and John Mann, said they wanted out of the EU. This showed it was in order for people to go against their leader’s wishes. 
Will Mansfield benefit from being out of Europe? Let’s hope so.

I see little evidence the EU has achieved anything positive in these parts.

We will be dependent on our elected representatives flying the flag for Mansfield with the Conservative Government in Westminster at least for the next four years. That won’t be easy, as I am not sure the Tories have any great understanding of the problems we face in Mansfield in trying to improve the economic and social wellbeing of our locality.

Let’s look on the bright side. The champagne will not be flowing in the streets of Mansfield as most of us can’t afford the bubbles. I will be breaking open a can of Markman lager I have been saving for a special occasion, just the one as I do not approve of drinking to excess – other beers are available by the way.

David Stafford

Berry Hill Road, Mansfield