LETTER: Think what you’re doing to the town

Mansfield Bus Station officially opens.
Mansfield Bus Station officially opens.

First of all the Mansfield Bus Station is moved. No public opinion is sought, it served the area very well, nine million pounds was spent, when the original bus station could have been improved at a fraction of the cost.

Bearing in mind this is a council that is always saying there ‘is no money in the coffers’ and the same people, again without public opinion has decided to move the little market.

Mansfield has been known for it’s market for one hundred years and now a little bit of Mansfield history may be about to disappear.

Never mind the trade stand holders who stand out in all weathers trying make a living in a hard world.

Think of what you are doing, it won’t be the same without our beloved market.

To move the little market will drive a lot of them out of business, we should be trying to help.

The little business people, moving won’t help. We have yet to hear the Mayor of Mansfield’s opinion.

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