LETTER: The real reason the figures look so good

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Does this or any other Government really expect us to believe the figures they turn out? It has been proven before that they manipulate the figures to suit themselves.
Young girls have a baby as a better lifestyle choice than going on the dole, many people are put on courses or on a disability of some sort, or zero hours contracts where there money is made up from taxes. Then there is the community work placement hiding more figures, and what about the thousands of immigrants who arrive here, will they go on jobless figures? No they will be hidden on other benefits.

The recent small rise in jobs will be down to the Christmas period which only lasts a few weeks. We pay some people who have no intention of looking for a job as they are better off on benefits.

We pay people who come into the country who have not the skills needed to get a job, and now we are paying Africa to not send any immigrants this way. When will this honey pot dry up? When the decent people just can’t function with any more cutbacks due to more money needed for our out of hand benefits bill?

Mrs Thomas