LETTER: Thanks for help after mum’s fall

Mansfield market place.
Mansfield market place.

I would like to say a huge thankyou to the people of Mansfield and to the market stall holders who came to my mum’s assistance following a bad fall in Mansfield Market Place on Friday, July 7.

In particular to Daryl, who phoned for an ambulance and stayed with us the whole time until it arrived. He was fantastic. He helped us to stay calm and supported my mum as she could not get up or stand. 
Also thanks to the young couple with the baby and the man who stands on the flower stall, sorry I don’t know your names, but you were all very kind.
The flower stall man bought a chair and a cold bottle of water while we waited for the ambulance to arrive. Thank you so much.
We really appreciated your help and it goes to show that there are sill good people out there willing to help strangers in distress.
I am pleased to say my mum is now out of hospital and recuperating at home.

Julie Kingston