Letter: Tank-track state of local roads

Winter weather took its toll on the roads
Winter weather took its toll on the roads

News of extra Government funding for councils with highways authority responsibility to tackle the increasingly unsatisfactory state of Britain’s roads is welcome - but long overdue.

Any monetary bidding process is a lottery so, hopefully, Nottinghamshire County Council’s efforts will be sufficiently robust to secure our fair share of the limited financial pot on offer.

It’s a fact that our country is still highly-ranked as being one of the wealthiest nations in the world, so clearly capital is available.

The continued development of rail travel for both passengers and freight, together with a safe and efficient arterial road network - adequately maintained - remain vital economic necessities for business and commerce to flourish.

As a life-long resident of Sutton and Huthwaite, the current condition of the busy B6026 road that links these two places together appears to be in its worst overall state in recent times.

Likewise, Skegby road that provides the major gateway for visitors to Ashfield’s magnificent jewel in the crown, Brierley Forest Park, now resembles a well-worn tank track.

Therefore, let’s hope that those elected members who, on our behalf, have control of the council’s purse strings and make the final spending decisions, now authorise all of the much-needed urgent remedial work required.

Dave Shooter


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