LETTER: Subsidies are charged for nuclear and fossil fuels

A solar farm similar to the one which is being proposed for Lowton
A solar farm similar to the one which is being proposed for Lowton
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Ian Wragg, in Chad letters on January 6, is keen to accuse the Chad of publishing “drivel” on the topic of solar energy, but then unfortunately indulges in a bit of this himself, in my view. (Read Mr Wragg’s letter here)

He should think before committing his “wisdom” to print. He seems to have a problem with subsidies for renewables, while remaining in blissful ignorance of the massive subsidies both nuclear power and fossil fuels have enjoyed in this country and around the world.

The madhouse economics he speaks of are more evident in energy policy that closes a remaining coal mine near a power station to ship in coal from abroad, or that allows corporations to cream off massive profits while squeezing consumers and then blame their gouging on small additional costs made necessary by the need to reduce carbon emissions.

Meanwhile ,renewable subsidies are cut and the Government presses for fracking – an environmental and public health disaster in the making. Elsewhere, successful countries ramp up renewables and ban fracking with no ill effect. We need joined-up thinking on energy, and effort from all to combat climate change.

Paul Frost

Winchester Close, Mansfield