Letter: Stop turning our town into a dump

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What can we do about litter louts?

I was walking my dog on Chesterfield Road Cricket Ground one Saturday morning and at the back of the cricket house and football pen, the litter was out of this world, cans, empty beer cans, wine bottles, crisp packets, cig packets, it looks a right mess.

What makes you mad is that there are two waste bins only 15 feet away, but people are too idle to put it in the bins.

Last year I was on the same park walking around and came across a group of young ones, girls and lads, the litter they had dropped was bad.

So I asked them, in a proper manner, if I was to drop litter in the front room of their homes, what would they say. All I got was abuse

The girls were laughing, they thought it was great the lads swearing at me.

Today’s young ones know you cannot do anything to them.

Carr Bank is just as bad - beer cans, wine and vodka bottles.

Another complaint is dog mess, yes people are still not picking it up.

I have chased them and told them the dog has left mess and all I get is: ‘I’ve got no bags’.

I say, you should not come out without poop bags in your pocket.

Or, if that’s the case, use your hankie or take your sock of to pick it up.

What does it cost for a person to walk around checking on these litter louts, just one fine or two to pay for a patrol or what does it cost for someone to go around cleaning up after them?

The one-man patrol should be able to impose a fine, give that person a bit of power and teach these young ones a lesson.

Same with people who leave dog mess on parkland, in the street , it should be a bit harder.

Something needs to be done or we will be another dirty, smelly town and parks.

The council workers do their best to keep it clean but when their backs are turned, and they’ve gone home, that’s when the litter louts come out and make it a dirty hole.

Now the warm weather is coming, things will get worse before they get better.

The cleanest people I have seen are the fairground people. When they leave, the ground where they have stood is spotless: no litter. But next day, young litter louts come on and it into a pig hole again.

Disgruntled Rate-payer.


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