LETTER: Speeding destroys so many lives

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With regards to people moaning about speed cameras, what I would like to say to them is this: come and join myself and my family when we go to the cemetery to lay flowers on our son’s grave.

He was aged just 24 and was an expectant father, he was killed by a moron doing over 90mph in a 50 zone, this moron lost control on a bend smashing into our boy, wiping him out

Not only did he kill our son, he also effectively destroyed our lives as well, my son’s partner of 11 years (school sweethearts) was 5 months pregnant and was left on her own to give birth to their little girl and bring her up.

Had speed cameras been on Cuckney Hill, a notorious accident spot, I am sure my son would be alive today, speed cameras save lives, so tell me, is that a bad thing?

Some people cannot drive at a sensible speed, so the only way to control these people is to use speed cameras, is it wrong that law breakers should be punished? I don’t think so, and all of the sensible people I know agree.

In our case, the other driver was sent to jail for causing death by dangerous driving, not only are we victims but his own family are also victims, they have been deprived of their son and also have to live with the shame of what he as done, the big difference between us is that they will get him back.

So to all you people who have a problem with speed cameras, I say this, I hope you never have to answer the door to the police for them to tell you that one of your loved ones as been wiped out by an idiot speeding. Trust me that moment is etched into our brains forever, it keeps us from sleep, the nights can be very long.

Regards to all from a grieving Mum, Dad, Sister, Daughter in law and granddaughter.

Geoff Winster


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