LETTER: Speed limits? Even 30mph is impossible

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I read your story in the Chad about the number of motorists fined for speeding on the M1 around junction 28 and the plans to reduce the speed limit to 60 MPH.

This reduction of speed limits is not a new thing. Both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire councils have been reducing the speedlimits on all major routes by stealth for over ten years.

Dual carriageways have had one lane painted out and the speed limit has been reduced in increments of ten mph over time so main roads (ones that used to be A roads or trunk roads 60 or 70 mph) are now restricted to between 30 and 50 mph.

Add the traffic calming in the form of humps, chicanes, bollards and sight screens to block vision when approaching traffic islands into the mix, and on some roads it becomes impossible to travel at even 30 mph. The A61 Derby though Ripley to Sheffield and the north, the A6 though Matlock and the A610 from M1 jct 26 are all good examples.

They have all been down-graded and blighted by some or all of these ‘improvements’, resulting in doubling the journey time and generally making travelling the route a frustrating and unpleasant experience.

It cannot be long before the council start advertising for the post of traffic manager, who must be able to walk carrying red flag.

Grumpy Old Man


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