LETTER: Solar panels are the economics of the madhouse

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‘District could be solar powerhouse of the region’ - Chad December 30. Who writes this drivel? In my view these companies are only applying for permission to get in under the radar for the massive subsidies for generating a miniscule amount of power.

As I write it is 3pm and a dark dismal cold wet day. Just when we need power the solar panels will be generating precisely nothing. The whole business model is built on the need for subsidy and not a single ounce of CO2 is saved as somewhere on the grid a fossil fuel powered station will be being paid a subsidy to run at below capacity for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Director of Wood Business Park selected panels that converted 70 per cent of energy received. He didn’t mention that for 12 hours a day they receive no energy and for the remaining period, on average, they produce only about 19 per cent of installed capacity. Solar panels and windmills are the economics of the madhouse, bought and paid for by the domestic consumer.

Ian Wragg

Woodlands Way,