LETTER: Should we demolish all mini-roundabouts?

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Some time ago I asked Notts County Council if a mini-roundabout could be installed at the junction of Sutton Road and Wentworth Road inKirkby because of increasing traffic, which will only get worse as the Larwood estate fills up.

It was refused on the grounds that it would be dangerous than the status quo.

I think emerging into busy traffic could only be less dangerous than a mini-roundabout in the parallel universe of council thinking.

But that being the case, should it not, in the interests of safety, be demolishing every other mini-roundabout in Nottinghamshire?

This is the same council whose £17,000 traffic-calming gates on Willowbridge Lane, Sutton are still not working(in fact they have disappeared).

Presumably they hope we have forgotten about the waste of money.I thought a reminder would be appropriate.


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