LETTER: Scupper madcap HS2 project

I wonder if I am the only Chad reader who is confused and annoyed about the plans to build the proposed HS2 high-speed train line?

It seems the sole purpose of this expensive project is to transport a large number of commuters into London. 
I suspect most people living outside the capital would prefer that the rest of the country to be invested in. 
I am sure this is the case in Mansfield. 
I cannot see many, if any, residents in our town who would want to travel the 150 miles to London on a regular basis, so HS2 will be of no benefit to us.
I feel nobody has taken proper account of the time it would take to get from peoples’ doorsteps to the precise place they need to be in the capital. 
It’s not just the train journey, but both the long road journey to get to the proposed new station at Toton, and after arriving at St Pancras the task of having to fight your way through the streets of one of the world’s most congested places. 
Added to this is the high cost of train tickets necessary to be charged in order to recoup the massive bill for building the new railway. 
I hope our local elected representatives will apply a bit of Nottinghamshire common sense and do all they can to scupper this madcap project. 
It’s bad enough that many Mansfielders have to travel to Nottingham to make a living. London commuting is a giant step too far.

John Heath

Brick Kiln Lane,