LETTER: Proud to stand against pit closures

Pleasley Pit
Pleasley Pit

I feel that I must write regarding the end of an industrial era.

The last deep coal mine closed on December 18 2015. To think that only 32 years ago coal mining was a thriving industry, we were in a position of having jobs for life.

However, the Tories under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher had other ideas.

In my view she had a deep rooted hatred of the miners, we were seen as enemies of the country.

I am convinced that the strike of 1984/85 was orchestrated by the government with the sole aim to destroy trade unionism in the country.

It is a fact that we will still need to import coal for electricity for years to come,

this will now have to be imported.

The Tories seem hell bent on making us a nation of “service providers”.

All deep mined coal, gone. The British steel industry almost gone, the same can be said for most of our heavy engineering.

Pete Innes

An ex-miner and proud to have stood strong against the pit closure programme