LETTER: Proposed move is step toward privatisation

On January 12, I attended two events on the prescribing system hosted by the Ashfield and Mansfield clinical commissioning group.

Friday, 27th January 2017, 11:30 am

The main thrust of the events was the proposals to take certain medications off the prescribing list and make people buy them over the counter. Being a councillor, I had prior notice of these events and in my own mind I wrestled with these ideas. 
Eventually I came to the conclusion we should not be having to make choices like this, nor should the dedicated healthcare professionals who delivered the presentations.

I readily agree to stripping unnecessary costs out of the NHS and, yes, some of the medicines like painkillers are only pennies over the counter. 
This is just the thin edge of a very large wedge to alter the culture, mindset and way we think about how our healthcare should be delivered and how it is financed. 
Once again I feel we have a Tory Government bit by little bit dismantling our NHS and creeping a full or partial privatisation of the healthcare system in this country.

Coun Stuart Richardson

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