LETTER: People should move on over miners’ strike

MINERS STRIKE May 1st 1984'Miners march to the Nottingam area N.U.M. H.Q. Mansfield
MINERS STRIKE May 1st 1984'Miners march to the Nottingam area N.U.M. H.Q. Mansfield

As a man in his 30’s, I am not privy to the politics and reasoning behind the miners’ strike that tore the country apart in the 1980’s. However, as the son of a UDM miner, I have to take issue with some of the words used by Harry Paterson (letters, May 7).

The miners’ strike was 30 years ago. The pits are gone, the world has moved on. Why does he still feel the need to heap such venom on to the heads of those who chose to work?

To throw out words like cowardly and greedy does a huge disservice to anyone who chose to support their families in a time of great turmoil.

There was no law requiring the Notts miners to strike, no legal imperative, they had a choice and chose to exercise it - surely the very meaning of democracy? I was always taught by my father to respect others views, even if you don’t agree with them. Perhaps some sound advice for Mr Paterson to think about.

When all is said and done, the mines were doomed from the start. My father chose to abide by his principles, his family and his beliefs, as did many others.

This was a harder and more courageous decision to take than to follow the herd and stop work.

He was attacked for the decision then, I would expect in a more modern enlightened world that people should move on by now. Trust me when I say you will not find a more courageous, principled and generous man than my father. He holds no grudges over what happened, it is a shame the same still can’t be said of the other side.

David Platt

Kirkby Woodhouse

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