LETTER: Paper has helped unite veterans

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his is a big thank you to this newspaper, which, along with other local newspapers across the UK, printed a letter of mine recently, explaining that the best way for those who have served in the Royal Navy to find their old shipmates, was to get in touch with their old ship’s association and attend one of the reunions.

This would almost certainly lead to reliving the camaraderie they once knew.

Well, thanks to you, the response has been terrific, at the moment I have more than 60 Royal Navy ship association reunions listed, complete with the first point of contact (this alone could be an old shipmate).

I have to say ‘a big thankyou’ to all local newspapers. If any ex-Royal Navy reader missed the first letter, drop me an emailto mike.crowe1@btinternet.com or royalnavyreunions@gmail.com with brief details of your service and who you are looking for and from which ship, and I will send the latest list through, along with the latest monthly news sheet full of messages.

This goes to more than 400 ship associations and Royal Naval Association Branches. All done by email so no printing, stationery, or postage and subs. etc.

And if you served on one of the 12 Blackwood Class frigates, it looks as if a new association is starting for those. Get your name on the list (again no subs).

Thank you local newspapers.

If you want attention and action, write to ‘letters to the editor’.

I wonder papers like this know just how much they are read.

Mike Crowe

Isle of Wight