LETTER: Original site for visitor centre is logical choice

Sherwood Forest
Sherwood Forest

I entirely agree with the sentiments in a recent letters page regarding the planning of the new Sherwood Forest visitors’ centre in Edwinstowe.

The original site on what is now council-owned land seemed the logical one.

With the closure of the colliery it makes even more sense now that the pit lane could be used for access and keep heavy traffic away from the village.

Also the area is large enough to accommodate car parks to match the ones that are to be dug up.

Any local will tell you how busy the present car parks get every weekend when the weather is favorable.

The new “preferred” site where the fair spends all summer will have nowhere near enough parking room to match the present ones.

I live on the nearby housing estate and have to have “no parking” cones outside my house during the festival week.

If the new proposal goes ahead will I need a resident’s parking permit all year round?

Another bonus for the original site would be access by train when the Robin Hood Line is extended into the village with track already laid that was used for coal trains from the colliery.

I can only wonder if there is some “hidden” agenda for the change but no doubt all will be made clear when we get a public consultation.

Mr T. Haywood