LETTER: Open letter to Mr John Radford at Stags

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As a local councillor in Mansfield, my own town, I am very concerned with your policy on match fees.

Match fees at Mansfield Town Football Club (MTFC) should be the same any time not as a discount policy so you get more of those that cannot get a ticket until match day.

There are a number of reasons why people cannot get tickets until match day, i.e. work commitments, they do not know if they are working on match day till the day before or what time they will be finishing on match day.

Or like myself buy a senior £30 discount pass so I pay £10 if I buy before the match day. On match day £16, that’s a 60 per cent increase. Is that reasonable?

I went to buy my ticket on December 31 at 10.50am but the shop was not open on a normal working day, two days before match day.

Seven other people turned up in the two minutes that I was there to buy tickets.

You only have one product to sell so be there for your customers.

Those who have computers could buy on line but not the £10 price.

Charging extra for tickets on match day is something that appears to have gone down badly with supporters. I believe that MTFC had the second lowest gate in League Two (old Division Four) on December 28, against York and then on Saturday January 2, the lowest gate in all of League Two.

I thank you for getting the ground back from Keith Haslam.

Is there any outstanding money owed to Mr Haslam and do you own the ground outright?

The district council has supported you with the Woburn Road training ground proposals and much more support and help will be required.

I have been a supporter of MTFC for some 50 years with its ups and downs.

I have been a season ticket holder and vice president in the past and my heart is with MTFC.

When you came you said that your ambition is eventually the Championship. Thank goodness for getting out of the conference but let’s not even think about it again.

As a supporter I can see the problem. With the awful results at home with the last two games get supporters in and discontinue the policy on admission charges and support the supporters.

Councillor Barry Answer

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