LETTER: Nottingham Road planners didn’t do very well

Nottingham Road, Mansfield
Nottingham Road, Mansfield

Nottingham Road chaos - that’s one way to describe it.

Whilst in the early stages of it, when the old Boneham and Turner building was sold, I took the initiative and contacted the local authority and the Chad.
The authority eventually sent a standard letter, maybe they didn’t read mine much or take much notice.
The Chad did however highlight it, and my main concern was the traffic. No doubt the powers at the Chad will pull out a copy of that letter?
From what I understand, prior to the disposal of the old Boneham and Turner building, the county council had ideas to demolish it and widen the road (I knew that from one of the Boneham family). The late Ted Boneham, I knew very well, his father started the firm. A younger member, no longer local, was a frequent visitor. 
When I contacted the council I specified about an in/out entrance/exit. The building could have been constructed easily at the far end. How on earth did the latest business get planning approval is anyone’s guess. I assume those who approved it don’t live nearby or use it?
At times, and it is frequent, traffic is queueing up North Road to the Rushley. Some jump the junction, so it ties up any release of traffic, so it mucks it up for all. 
Quite recently, I returned from Nottingham and a 4x4 had jumped the Lichfield Lane junction and new Derby Road College and hit something. The traffic congested right through, heading towards the Lakeside.
Before too long, when the 1,700 homes are built along the Marr Route, another daft idea, there will not be room for speeding along Nottingham Road as there will be no room to in fact speed.
George Neville’s old garage site is well on the way for 67 houses, which will no doubt add 200-plus cars onto the circuit. A lot of the local residents have to drive down Berry Hill Lane to get to Nottingham Road, that’s not at peak times either. Several other approved sites in the High Oakham area will also add to it.
I can only finalise it to the planning department ‘you didn’t do very well.’

Mark Wilson

Berry Park Lea, Mansfield