LETTER: No longer a cash cow, it must be nurtured

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Once again it would appear that there is a move to rearrange the market place deckchairs. 
We are sorry, but the supermarket iceberg has already sunk the ship.

The brave survivors are in the lifeboats and the last thing they need is a day of lost trading and a hike in stall rents.

To recognise their dogged persistence, the introduction of a peppercorn rent would not be out of place and for the rest of us, town centre free parking.

We all realise that retailing in the town will never return to what it was 30 or 40 years ago and advice is that town centres must re-invent themselves.

However, I believe that trading must be given priority to ensure any sort of continuous footfall.

One-off entertainment events is no answer.

The market is no longer a local authority cash cow, it is a liability which must be nurtured and conserved like any other valuable asset.

Robert Smith

Market trader