LETTER: Money is better spent on our roads than HS2

HS2 project
HS2 project

As I write this letter with pen and on good old fashioned note paper, it has been announced that the contracts have been agreed to go ahead with phase one of the HS2 rail link.

For goodness sake, a weak pound, Brexit causing confusion, imported goods costing more to the ‘cap-it-all’ investment likely to be coming from abroad to finance this ridiculously frivolous project. 
Surely the amount of money that the HS2 rail link is going to cost, we could all make our road cycle lanes, pavements and public footpaths safer and more accessible? In doing so, people will become more physically active, cutting down on obesity and poor mental health issues etc.
The current burden on the NHS and its over worked employees is there for all to see, though not in the case of our clever cloggs politicians it seems, who continue to lead the youth of today up blind alleys.
Get your brains engaged will you?

Geoff Evans

By email