LETTER: Money hemorrhaging out of NHS

I am writing with regard to two topics, the first being the increasing difficulty of parking at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

I have read, with interest, letters from patients regarding this difficulty. Indeed I have experienced it myself and something needs to be done.

My suggestion is that multi- storey car parks have to be seriously considered otherwise patients will be missing appointments and/or turning up late through no fault of their own. That would then cause even more problems for both patients and the hospital.

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Parking charges must be drawing in a considerable amount of revenue for the hospital and that revenue should be spent on solving the parking problems there.

Secondly I am writing about the failing NHS and social care. I believe that the blame lies firmly at the door of the Government, and not just this one, but of successive governments. At some point the Government is going to have to take the “bull by the horns” and get to grips with the worsening situation. Otherwise, we will have no NHS or social care in Britain.

Also I am angry at the establishment’s propaganda, blaming it all on the ageing population. Yes we do have an increasingly ageing population, but successive governments have known for decades this was going to happen. How? Through the ten-yearly census. So why haven’t they been proactive in preparing for it?

However, nothing is ever mentioned of the millions of migrants and immigrants who have swarmed into the UK over recent years. Don’t tell me they don’t use the NHS because I know they do. I only have to visit my local GP surgery and hospital for proof of that. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for NHS services from this quarter too.

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Unfortunately the increase in funding is not and has not kept up with the increase in demand. Apparently there is a three per cent difference between the two at the moment.

With an increasing population comes an increase in birth rates, so in the future the ageing population is going to grow and grow. If the Government cannot cope with the current situation then how is any government going to cope in future? I believe future governments won’t cope and recent governments know it and that is why slowly, but surely the NHS is being allowed to fail through lack of adequate funding and the gradual privatisation.

No government wants the NHS to close on their watch as it would be political suicide for the party in government at the time. This is why the “sticking plaster” approach is currently being used. However, the nature of a sticking plaster is that it is only ever temporary.

It has recently been in the media that Britain spends less on health care than any other developed country and GP consultation times are shorter than any other country in Europe. Yet, the burden of tax on British taxpayers is set to rise to its highest level in 30 years and public services are set to be cut even further. So where is the money going? The British taxpayer doesn’t seem to be benefiting.

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First and foremost Britain and its inhabitants should be benefiting from British taxpayers’ money. Instead it seems to be hemorrhaging out of the country.

Theresa May has promised a review into social care, but the Government is being very noncommittal. When she took over as Prime Minister she said she wanted everyone to benefit, not just the few. However, it’s starting to look as if the elderly, disabled and the vulnerable are not to be included in this brave new Britain.

Thousands turned out recently to protest over Donald Trump’s actions thousands of miles away over the Atlantic and yet no one is prepared to do the same in order to try and save the dying NHS in this country, or indeed the lack of Social Care for the most needy and vulnerable in Britain.

The NHS belongs to us, the British taxpayer. It is, therefore, up to us to tell the Government that enough is enough and we demand the funding to be put in place that is necessary for it to function properly and survive. The medical profession have tried their best, but it is now obvious that the Government is not listening and, in my view, does not intend to do so. We need to wake up before its too late. The recent referendum showed how effective the views of the British public could be.

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Unfortunately, we are unlikely to get a referendum regarding the NHS and social care.

The NHS and social care in Britain is now a humanitarian crisis with the most vulnerable and needy suffering from a lack of dignity and respect as well as the care they need. Indeed, both are no longer fit for purpose.

People are dying needlessly and life-saving treatments are being denied.

If it was happening in the Middle East the British Government would be throwing our money at it. So why is the current appalling situation in Britain being effectively, in my opinion, ignored by them now?

I believe for the reasons I mentioned earlier.

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The Government therefore should either put the necessary funding in place or stop the pretence and start to put in place some plans for an affordable private health insurance for the British. Of course any fees for such should be subject to tax refunds for each individual.

If you the public don’t want this to happen, then for heaven’s sake get up and be counted now before it’s too late.

J. A. Ainsworth

Ashover Road, Old Tupton