LETTER: Money creates a stable world

The letter '˜Petition your MPs to put a stop to overseas aid' - to read the letter click here -ignores one of the key benefits of our investment in poorer countries '“ that it helps to create a more stable world for everyone, and that includes the UK.

Charity might begin at home, but it must not end there. You only have to switch on the TV to see why we cannot afford to turn our backs on the world’s poorest people. 
Events like the ebola outbreak in West Africa and the Syria refugee crisis bring home what is at stake. We can’t run away from these problems as they will only arrive on our doorstep if we don’t act.
For just 0.7% of our national income, in the last five years we’ve helped put 11 million kids into school, giving them more opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty, and helped to vaccinate 56 million people against illnesses such as cervical cancer and polio.
Aid isn’t perfect but when I hear the results, I know it’s a sensible investment.

Hannah Atherden


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