Letter: Make Euro politicians accountable

ELECTION RESULTS The results for North Kirklees wards.
ELECTION RESULTS The results for North Kirklees wards.

In a few days we will be asked to vote and return 5 MEPs for the East Midlands. I wonder how many can name the 5 current members or even one of them?

How many people have ever seen one of them or one of the assistants they are supposed to have to help with such a large constituency.

According to the MEP job description the elected members are supposed to be in Brussels or other EU parliamentary location Mon – Thu to allow them to be in their constituency Friday to Sunday.

To carry out these duties they are handsomely rewarded as follows:

Annual salary:£79,390

Daily Attendance allowance: £250/day

Office Expenses: £3471/month

Parliamentary assistance: £17409/month

Travel costs plus time and

Distance e.g. £25,000/annum

Personal travel allowance: £3482

In addition when they stand down or are defeated they receive a ‘golden handshake’ equivalent to 1 month’s pay per year served (minimum of £39,000 to maximum of £157,000)

Maybe now being aware of the remuneration these people receive we should vote in greater numbers to make those elected more accountable and start asking questions what do these people do for us to warrant such huge expenditure?

Seth Clay


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