LETTER: Looking for the Campbell family

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I am endeavoring to make contact with the extended family of Glynn M. Campbell, who I am led to believe currently reside in or about Mansfield and Warsop, Nottingham.

The names of the Campbell family that I wish to contact are: Fiona L. Campbell, Ian C. G. Campbell, Rebecca F. Campbell, Molly Gillian Campbell.

Three of these folk are most likely the children of a Glynn M. Campbell and Gillian M. Campbell who married in Nottingham.

There is also two sisters of the Derby family namely Theresa M and Elaine I who were born in Notts.

I have created a fairly comprehensive flow chart of various other siblings with both birth and marriage years of their forbears (parents and siblings) some of whom are deceased, and wish to impart this data to any member of the Campbell Parsons and/or Derby families who are perhaps interested in their maternal family lineage.

The reason for this letter is that the correct great grand-parentage of the above living folk may rather difficult to ascertain and I have some enlightening information as they maybe unaware that their great grandfather died in New Zealand.

Recent phone directory and electoral roll listings of the above family members seem to conflict as to their current addresses, hence this letter.

My email address is graham.judy@paradise.net.nz

Graham Carpenter

Deller Grove, New Zealand