LETTER: Join the fight for women's rights

On Sunday Politics (February 12) at about 11.40am, the latest North Notts Women Against State Pension Inequality meeting was shown on TV.

It was followed by Marie Ashby interviewing Sherwood MP Mark Spencer.
WASPI is going from strength to strength with many borough, county and town councils throughout the UK supporting us. 
We are also supported by the TUC and UNISON. 
While the Government agree we weren’t given enough time to organise this huge change to our pension age – many of us having to work six or seven extra years and only finding out within two years of our retirement age thanks to the word of mouth by concerned friends. The majority of women born in the 1950s, including myself, have never received a letter to let us know of this change. 
Even Marie Ashby stated every household in this country received a letter about Brexit, but we women were expected to know by reading newspapers. 
The DWP website wasn’t updated until a year before many of us thought we were due to retire.

Not a month goes by without questions being asked in Parliament by a concerned MP. Questions are also being asked on a regular basis in the House of Lords. 
We are also grateful for the support of the All Party Parliamentary group working on our behalf.

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On March 8. Budget Day, WASPIs will once again lobby Parliament, including the active members of the North Notts WASPI group. 
Anyone interested in joining our group or even coming to London with us, please contact Colleen Eales, Email: [email protected] or mobile number 07813203518, alternatively look us up on our North Notts WASPI group on Facebook.

R. Buxton

By email