LETTER: Investment in Sutton is long overdue

Further major financial investment to revitalise Kirkby, its town centre, hospital and planned new leisure complex should prove beneficial for both current residents and future generations.

From visual evidence, it now seems that a similar council strategy for Sutton is much needed and long overdue.

Despite broken windows on site, indicating vandalism, hopefully work on the once-prestigious Denman’s Head Hotel hasn’t ground to a halt and the refurbishment will be completed.

However, the outdoor market has become weed-infested and the no-cycling zone restrictions on the pedestrianised area around Low Street are still ignored by many.

The latter raises serious safety concerns and at busy times is particularly hazardous for elderly, disabled and other people on foot using this narrow route. Perhaps the introduction of a more robust enforcement policy would reduce the accident potential significantly.

A suitable management plan to address and action these issues seems to have become an urgent priority.

Consequently, in an extremely competitive market, customers and visitors will continue to go elsewhere if their shopping environment is seen as uncomfortable, neglected and in decline.

Creating a situation that puts even more pressure on existing businesses, struggling to survive.

Therefore, the pulled-down or shut-down scenario blighting our town must be curtailed in order to attract more retail organisations to relocate here - with the prospect of future job opportunities.

The aim of attracting on-going inward investment to regenerate, upgrade and improve is a very highly-prized objective, relentlessly pursued by countless local authorities nationwide.

Time will tell if the quality and competence of our elected officials is sufficient for Sutton to successfully receive our deserved fair share of any capital available, as other areas have already done so.

Dave Shooter


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is enough being done to invest in Sutton? What would you like to see done to improve things?

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