LETTER: I would sooner see fracking than 500 new homes

In reply to Ian Jakes' letter in the Chad of February 17 (Read Mr Jakes' letter in full here) entitled '˜Warsop is the last place fracking should happen':

Thursday, 3rd March 2016, 6:30 pm
Fracking rigs like this one are a common site in America.

1 – Obviously the geology expert got it wrong, seeing as the marl layer probably extends under the pit tip as there has not been a land slip, and half of Warsop is not or never has been under three feet of slurry from the tip, even after more than 100 years of subsidence and earth tremors.
The authorities and their experts had no worries, and, as your letter says, they even gave the go ahead to increase the height. We love believing in what we want to believe;

2 – Landslips are mainly caused by three processes, long periods of heavy rain permeating through the layers of soil, sink holes and earthquakes. We have had heavy rain and on rare occasions earthquakes but no landslip even after more than 100 years of coal mining, Obviously the authorities have learned from the Aberfan disaster in Wales many years ago;

3 – You say subsidence has created a lake at Gleadthorpe for waterfowl, another plus for the flora and fauna of this area.

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4 – Once or twice you say water oozes out into gardens and even the cemetery. Most of my family are buried there and I have not encountered a problem, but as you and the cemetery are at the bottom of a hill, heavy rainfall only can go one way, it’s called gravity. This area is built on sandstone, which may I add is a natural sponge for water. You can see this in spectacular fashion at Boughton Pumping Station. One other thing on this point, the word carr means bog, so you and I are in the middle of it, as my back garden can testify. In summer it is like concrete and in winter, as I have said, it is a bog. Cuckney Hill is not unique to this area and in theory should be better drained as it is a hill.

5 – One other point you said, trees were planted on Cuckney Hill, this is not the case, but must have been planted on the pit tip, and you and your estate watched as they pulled them up for a black desert called a solar farm. So if by chance there is a slip you can only blame it on yourselves. Nobody asked me or the residents of Warsop if we wanted this solar farm looming over us 24/7.

Mansfield District Council wants to build 500 homes near where I live, I would sooner have the extraction of shale gas on this site than 500 houses.
Less damage to the environment I would say.
But seeing as they call it a vision and a vision is a myth hopefully it stops that way.

As Montaigne said 300 years ago: “Nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least well known.”

I would advise you to go to Energy Tribune, Ten Fracking Things Every One Should Know By Peter C Glover on your computer.

Arthur Keeton


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