LETTER: How can we cope with population explosion?

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What an absolute disgrace the proposed construction of 8,649 new homes in Ashfield is.

Can you please explain where the infrastructure for the massive increase in the Ashfield population is going to come from.
Let’s take a common sense estimate of the numbers.

An average of three people per dwelling, that’s more than 25,000 new residents. Let’s take a conservative figure of one car per household, 8,649 more cars on the local roads.

How are schools, hospitals, doctors surgeries, the local road systems going to cope?

My local school, Hillocks, on Unwin Road, Sutton, has, in its catchment area, the housing development between Unwin Road and Mansfield Road. This development is less than 25 per cent occupied, but the school is already utilising a caretaker’s storeroom as a classroom.

Where and how are the new influx of children going to be taught?

Local roads.
Have you or any local councillors tried to drive through Sutton or Kirkby recently?

Are there any plans to put in place road improvements to cope with the inevitable increase in traffic, or major improvements to the A38 by pass which is already a nightmare during rush hour?
I suspect not.

May I suggest Ashfield MP Glora De Piero returns from London, or from which ever fact-finding country-hopping assignment she is on at the moment, and gets some answers for her constituents.

David Taylor

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