LETTER: Homes deserve a royal seal of approval

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It’s good to see that Mansfield District Council has taken up the Government’s call to increase the number of new homes to be built each year. The sheltered housing development on Chesterfield Road is coming on at a pace.

These new dwellings will be something for our town to be proud of, I am sure.

Provided the rents and service charges to be levied are not too exorbitant I think there will be many people wanting to move to this estate.

I don’t know if arrangements have been finalised for the official opening ceremony but I think the these new homes are sufficiently important that they deserve a member of the royal family to give them their seal of approval.

What a special day it would be to get a royal visitor to come to Mansfield.

As well as this major provision by our local council I see that the private sector is also making a contribution to our housing stock. The new residences on Pleasley Hill are being built right now and Lindhurst has got the green light at long last to move the diggers in for what promises to be a flagship community.

I do hope that the developers market these new private homes at a price that is affordable to potential purchasers. After all Mansfield people are not known to be high income earners are they?

It could be that some buyers will come from outside of our district to live in our town. I know any “outsiders” will be made welcome and helped to settle into our community. However on a word of caution, if newcomers do come into Mansfield causing its population to rise there must surely be an increase in our local services to cope with this extra demand.

I am thinking about additional school places, doctors surgeries,leisure facilities, and public transport for example.

John Heath

Brick Kiln Lane,