LETTER: Great possibilities for empty BHS shop

NMAC BHS Closing
NMAC BHS Closing

With the closing of BHS in Mansfield, I wonder what will now happen to the store, I hope Sports Direct or Poundland do not decide to take it over.

Mansfield Council need to try and entice some big names to take the store over eg John Lewis, House of Fraser, we need another department store in Mansfield and if the council got a big name like one of those two I am sure it would encourage people to come into Mansfield, I for one would shop there more.

If that is not viable, why not reintroduce the indoor market in there, Chesterfield have done there indoor market up lovely, we could have that too, with stores selling local produce and making their brands known.

So come on Mansfield Council put your thinking caps on, do not let this store go to ruin, make the most of having an empty store of this size.

Emma Renshaw